Two years after they broke up, two real life ex-lovers, Ali and Andrew, face each other to reflect upon how and why their relationship reached such a miserable end. They sit down in front of the cameras and what happened when she asked why he cheated is heart-wrenching.

The first part of this video begins with Ali confronting Andrew about why he cheated on her multiple times. It’s very emotional because Ali is unable to contain her tears. As you will see, there are moments when the discussion is lighter as they speak about some good times they had together. The emotions are culminating again as they both get brutally honest about the feelings they had for each other.

The first part: Why did you cheat on me?

In the beginning of the second part, there are some fun moments because they are giving advice to each other. Ali and Andrew speak about what advice they would give to each other’s future partners. But later they address some pretty heavy stuff like who was actually to blame for the breakup. Also, they speak about whether Ali would consider giving Andrew a second chance.

The second part: Would you give me another chance?


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