Not only a receding hairline would bring out a big forehead, but sometimes we are born with large foreheads. But does that mean women with big forehead can never look pretty and chic; NO! We are going to talk about how to hide your big forehead, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. We are here to help you achieve the beauty you need, and will give you all the information possible on how to hide a big forehead.

Let’s begin with how to style up and hide a big forehead. Please read on and be well-informed.

Here Is The List Of Hairstyles For Big Forehead

Women who do not find big, high or wide foreheads aesthetically pleasing, there are a couple of ways you can hide it. From choosing hairstyles cleverly, to following a few simple beauty tips and also picking the right hair accessories – it is possible to get the desired result. If our celebs can make it all the way to the path of success despite having a big forehead, so can you. Remember, it is your confidence that speaks volumes, not your forehead.

1. Updo:

You could try the gorgeous Hollywood updo for the big forehead to hide in. When you focus on the hair in front, please ensure that a few strands are left falling over the face, either in curls or straight. And always make a loose bun with that. Canadian actress Rachel McAdams shows us how she covers her large forehead with elegance and grace

2. Blunt With A Fringe

Try cutting your hair chin length which will cover the large space on the forehead. The fringe will distract the face and the chin length hair will contour the jawline and shapes the frame of your face too. Sarah Jessica Parker of SEX AND THE CITY anyone?

3. Wavy:

Try using wavy locks which will help to hide your big forehead. For this, you would need to blow dry your fringes pretty well, which will then gather the much needed volume it needs to cover the large forehead. This would add dimension to your face and you could leave the rest of the hair loose behind.

4. Side Fringe For Long Hair:

A side fringe can elegantly cover the forehead, while the remaining hair at the back can be brushed backward and teased to do an updo or curled and made into a bun or left loose. The strands of hair in front would fall quite neat and pretty onto the forehead, covering it up. This hairstyle would be apt for formal events. Amy Jackson shows how to hide that big forehead.

5. Straight Fringe For Mid Length To Long Hair:

Bangs in any shape and size will help camouflage the big forehead too, so get thick bangs cut straight on the forehead and just above the eyes. You can also experiment and wear them below the eyebrows too. This is for mid length to long and very long hair to play with. Comb the rest of the hair backward to add more oomph and volume distraction.

6. Straight Fringe For Wavy Hair:

For women with short hair and a large forehead, we would look at ombre fringes and messy styles to camouflage the same. Can be worn to semi-formal events and even at wedding functions too.

7. Side Swept Fringes:

Cute side swept fringes can be the best way to cover ninety percent of the large forehead, and it works like magic if you have short hair and bob cuts. Ensure that the hair at the back is teased well with a teaser comb and hair spray to add more volume to distract the eyes.

8. Pixie With Long Bangs:

Follow Rihanna and you would see how she went pixie with long bangs in front. So chic and pretty, this is a hairstyle that is perfect for the college PYT or the corporate woman. The hair at the back should be messy (do it with your with fingers and hair mousse to add volume), while the bangs in front should be matte toned and sleek combed with hairspray.

9. Bob With Side Fringe:

Try the tousled bob hair do, with an off-centre parting in the middle and the fringes to cover the forehead. Large sections of the hair from the crown should be taken and teased before tying into a bun or a barrel curl that is pinned to the scalp. Ensure to use a tong or a curler to curl the hair at the back and then make a bun so that more distraction happens there.

10. Side Fringe For Sleek Hair:

What about flicking the hair for a large forehead? Seems like a perfect option to hide the forehead. Wispy strands in front can distract the onlooker’s vision and creates a small canvas illusion of your forehead too. This is what Hollywood diva Angelina Jolie did. You could use a large brush to out curl the hair at the back while sleeking the hair with a straight iron in front, using hair wax.

We do hope these tips and advice tactics on how to cover the large forehead you have comes in handy. If you have any doubts, check with a reputed makeup artist or a hairstylist or your parlor lady for one on one advice. Please don’t feel ashamed or low because you have a large forehead. Stay beautiful always.