A lot of people like to spend quite a bit of cash on makeup. And out of those people, most of them also like to spend their cash on relatively expensive products. Something that has proven itself in the industry. These products can be guaranteed to look good no matter how they are applied.

Of course, sometimes we have to save our cash, and that means that sometimes we need to just switch to cheaper alternatives. When we have to, however, we’re usually afraid that the product may not be up to the standard that we’re grown accustomed to, and it could turn out to be a cheap but ill-advised mistake.

Well, makeup artist Amy-Rose Walker is here to prove us quite wrong.

She has completely aced this look using nothing more than drugstore/affordable makeup. If you’re a bit concerned about buying drugstore makeup, then you should definitely watch this video, because I certainly think the results are pretty great.

Source: metdaan.com

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