Did you know that there are several different eye shapes in the world? Some women have almond eyes, hooded eyes, rounded eyes and so on and so forth. And eye makeup also changes in accordance with different eye shapes.
Have a look at best eye makeup for different eye shapes. Find out what is your eye shape and which eye makeup will suit you best.

1. Rounded Eyes:

Let’s begin with one of the most common eye shapes. That’s rounded eye. Here the eyes are generally big and rounded. They don’t have much length. So, our eye makeup will focus on creating an illusion of length to these eyes. Also, we will try to reduce the roundness of the eyes.
Eye Makeup:
The best eye makeup for rounded eyes is a winged liner. Wing out the upper line and this will add length to the eyes. Also, use darker eyeshadows. This will create an illusion of shadow and thus the roundness will reduce. Also, keep your eyebrows full. This will shift the focus from the rounded eyes.

2. Down Turned Eyes:

Downward turn eyes are those which has a downward tilt at the outer centre. Here the upper eye line is larger than the waterline. Also, the eyes have a drop-down effect. So, the focus is to make eyes stand out with the help of eye makeup.
Eye Makeup:
Highlight the brow area. This will shift the focus on the upper eye area. Also, try to use darker eyeshadows at your top eye line. Alternatively, you can also try to apply black mascara to your top lashes and brown mascara on the bottom lashes. This will create the perfect balanced look on your eyes.

3. Hooded Eyes:

Hooded Eyes have an extra fold of skin on their eyes. And that is the reason why hooded eyes appear a bit smaller. Thus, the focus is to make them look bigger.
Eye Makeup:
Stay away from highlighting as hooded eye don’t need any more focus on the upper lid. Try to extend your eyeliner so that you get the perfect elongated look on your eyes. Also, apply some soft medium colour on your upper lid. This will create a rounded look and will add an illusion of the perfect eye shape.

4. Almond Shaped Eyes:

Here the eye makeup looks like small but rounded eyes. They have a curve at the top and the bottom part is also quite well defined.
Eye Makeup:
A winged eyeliner will look perfect on almond-shaped eyes. Also, try to do the Smokey eye makeup technique. It will look great with almond-shaped eyes.

5. Prominent Eyes:

This is the ideal eye shape. Here the eyes are perfectly proportional and big. So, the focus is to add a soft look to the eyes so that the focus also goes on the remaining face. And the entire face looks well balanced.
Eye Makeup:
Try to go soft on the eye makeup. Wear soft and medium shade eyeshadows. But here apply these medium colour eyeshadows on the bottom and top crease area. Also, try to draw long lines so that the eyes look well defined and beautiful.

6. Monolid Eyes:

Monolid eyes are beautiful eyes. They lack any extra skin or lids and are perfect in terms of proportion. But the only problem with monolid eyes is that they are quite small.
Eye Makeup:
For monolid eyes try to highlight the upper area of the eyes. While applying eyeliner try to draw a thin line at the inner side. And draw a thick line on the outer side. This will give the perfect fuller eye look.

Source: makeupandbeauty.com