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Applying foundation to dry and flaky skin can be a bit tricky, but not as difficult as you may think. Dry and flaky skin just needs some extra special care to prevent the flakiness and dryness. That extra care can effectively lead to the perfect application of foundation to the dry skin as well. So, let’s get into the details.

Step 1: Choose a Moisturizing Cleanser

Cleansing the face with a cleanser based on your skin type improves its health and texture. If you are having dry and flaky skin, opt for a good moisturizing and hydrating cleanser to prevent over-drying of the skin. Not using a moisturizing cleanser will only worsen the flakiness of the skin.

Step 2: Exfoliate the Skin

To get rid of at-the-moment flaky skin, exfoliate the skin properly. Exfoliation helps in sloughing off the dead skin cells, revealing softer and smoother skin. If you have very mild flaking, opt for some mild scrub otherwise go for chemical exfoliants. The chemical exfoliants not only prevent the dry and flaky skin but also makes the complexion glowing, proving several benefits.

Step 3: Moisturize Properly

Moisturisation is the key to hydrated and healthy-looking skin. If your skin beneath the makeup is hydrated and healthy, then your makeup will also be smooth and natural-looking.
If you have dry and flaky skin under the eye area, then use a nourishing and moisturizing eye cream to prevent them from reappearing after applying makeup.
To moisturize your facial skin, always opt for a good quality moisturizer to avoid a greasy look. Alternatively, you can look for a hydrating serum or facial oil to combat the dry and flaky skin before applying the foundation. To treat dry patches, take some facial oil on palm and with the help of the tip of makeup sponge, dab it lightly over the patchy skin to blend it.

Step 4: Apply a Hydrating Primer:

Primer is a key product in prepping your skin for the makeup. If your face is primed well, then the makeup will glide over the skin effortlessly. However, a silicon based makeup primer is known to suck up a little moisture from the skin to keep the makeup intact for a long time. Thus, to prevent the flakiness and dry skin, you must opt for a hydrating primer.

Step 5: Choose the Right Formula of Foundation:

Opting for a foundation based on your skin type, not only keeps the makeup intact, but also prevents the skin from further damage. To prevent and treat the flaky and dry skin, you must opt for a “hydrating and dewy formula”. It will keep your skin moisturized enough. Choosing the wrong formula can accentuate the dry patches and make the skin look flaky as well.
Thus, look out for a heavy-duty foundation with moisturizing and hydrating properties along with full coverage to keep the makeup base intact.

Step 6: Use Creamy Concealer

After applying foundation, use creamy concealer to conceal the remaining imperfections of skin. Move towards eye and lip makeup like you normally do. Then, complete the look with a bronzer, blusher and highlighter.

Here are few things to keep in mind while using makeup products on dry and flaky skin.
Tip #1: Always use a brush or sponge to apply makeup products.

Fingers are known to absorb moisture from the skin, leaving it with little less moisture. This is not significant in the case of oily skin, but with flaky and dry skin, even a small drop in moisture level will have impact on the skin. Thus, you cannot afford to lose the moisture you just provided, by using fingers.
Moreover, when you have dry and flaky skin, it becomes much more challenging to apply foundation with help of finger. Thus, for a perfect smooth finish, use a makeup sponge or brush to apply the foundation and other makeup products.

Tip #2: Go for cream based products
To prevent the flakiness and dry skin after applying the foundation, steer clear of the powder products. The powder is known to absorb the oil and moisture from the skin, providing a matte finish. Hence, do not use powder products over the dry and flaky skin. In case of flaky skin, whether it is blush or highlighter, choose cream based products over powder products.

Tip #3: Skip the waterproof formulas
Waterproof formulas are known to suck up the moisture from the skin. The same goes with the oil-controlling formulas. These absorb the skin’s moisture and leave your dry. This in turn leads to flaked, dull and dehydrated skin. To avoid such circumstance, do not opt for waterproof formulas or oil-controlling formulas.
However, if you experience an oily T-zone, then blot away the oil with a blotting paper instead of using oil-controlling foundation or powder.