Do you know what a hipster haircut is? Well, it is an eye-catching masterpiece that’s ready to make a statement. In the list below, most of the haircuts are adapted versions of classy vintage with a stylish twist using taper fades, full beards and crazy trims. These examples that you’re going to see next will take you in the hipster world where daring haircuts will delight your eyes.

1. Tapered Pompadour

As you can see, the front is styled in the voluminous pompadour with height and spiky texture. So modern!

2. Spikes with Full Beard

Haircuts that involve full beards are mostly met in the hipster look. To have a classy style, keep the sideburns to a middle length and then grow your hair and beard thicker and longer.

3. Slick Back with Fade

This look is so amazing with temple fade at the sides all the way to the back. It gives you a bit of rugged masculinity.

4. Tousled Hair with Side Parting

With a styling wax, begin from one side of your hair and run your fingers all over and upwards to create a fancy look.

5. Smooth and Rough

The top is slicked back and slightly to one side while the temples create a slight fade. A beard highlights this look!

6. Forward Styled Fringe

Start by combing your hair forward  by making your fringe overhang over your forehead. Then use a little soft-set styling wax and hold the fringe up by leaving it looking touchable.

7. Man Bun and Full Beard

Keep your lengthy locks in style and for that, there is no better way to do it than with a man bun. A thick full beard helps to make the look more masculine.

8. Tousled Waves

Comb your hair upwards and people will be desperate to run their fingers through your hair.

9. Curly Taper Fade

Thick curly locks with height while the sides are taper faded. Wow!

10. Topknot and Full Beard

A stylish top knot is tousled towards the back and although the short sided don’t join with the side burns, the beard and mustache balance the top perfectly.

11. Twisted Quiff

There’s no doubt that hipster haircuts need a twist, so comb the hair up into a regular quiff with a small amount of gel and twist the comb when running it through your hair.

12. Manicured Slick Back

Mixing styles together always gives you a stunning outcome.

13. Suave Hipster Haircut

This haircut is the perfect way to keep things interesting.

14. Square Fringe

This style works best if you have soft features by giving you a mysterious look.

15. Medium Pompadour

Suitable for men with square jawlines and high cheekbones.