Thalita Ferraz is a Youtube star, beauty and fashion blogger with over 2,000 000 subscribers. She is also famous for her Instagram profile, where she self-confesses to being a digital influencer. And there’s no disputing that claim with her thousands of followers.

So what’s she influencing today? Hair styles my friends! In the following video, she presents 7 different hairstyles made in only 7 minutes!

Everyone is too cool for school, but while you are there a chic hairstyle is a must! These are really easy and simple and can be mastered early in the morning.

You will look sophisticated in front of your teachers and stylish in front of your friends. More importantly, gorgeous in front of your crush.

All you need is a few rubber bands and hair pins! Of course, you can decorate with bows or hairbands if you wish!

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Have fun this semester!


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