On a scale from 1 to 10 how excited are you to go back to school? Yes, I totally understand if you are hesitating for the answer but let’s admit it that the first day back to school is so much fun. Everyone has new outfits, looks fresh and you start realizing that you actually missed them. But how to put on a flawless look for the “special” day?

Christen Dominique is a well known YouTube makeup artist, whose channel has over 2.8 million subscribers. Just recently the 30-year-old posted a video on her channel where she creates a “back to school” makeup look which would actually be very helpful for you to watch. She also announced that she’s doing a massive giveaway where 3 people can win. Keep an eye people, there are iPad’s and a Mac-book Pro that you could win. Without further or do, let’s get started:


Christen always likes to start things off with moisturizer and then applies her foundation. A concealer is necessary for the dark skin under her eyes which she follows up with powder, bronzer and highlighter.


For the eyes she is using the Kylie Jenner “I Want It All” Eyeshadow Palette creating a cute pinkish and sparkly smokey eye. She adds more drama with an eyeliner but if you think it’s “too much” then just skip it. To finish the eye makeup, Christen puts on her favorite eye lashes.


The whole look is done as soon as she puts her favorite pink lipstick on.

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Source: metdaan.com