Snowflakes are common decorations for loads of different items we see on a daily basis. When we see a snowflake somewhere, say a wall or a window, it usually means it’s winter.

When it comes to makeup, jewelry, and other such things, snowflakes seem to be everywhere.

If you’re feeling especially crafty, and you want your earrings to match up with the snowy days outside, then these DIY snowflake earrings are for you.

Troom Troom is back at it again with their easy and creative DIY items. This is their latest one, the DIY snowflake earrings.

When you see them at first, you might think “Whoa, that looks like a prop from a movie set!”. Well, I thought the same thing, but when I saw what went into making it, I was like “Oh…”

That’s all you need. Printed pictures of snowflakes, earring backs, glass lenses, beads, earring pins, hook clasps, white acrylic paint, some glue for glass and a hot glue gun.

To simplify it for you, you put the pictures of the snowflakes inside the lenses, stick the lenses on the earring backs, add a bead to each pin, and then a hook clasp. Finish it off by adding a few drops of white acrylic paint to give it a winter look.

The end result is something that looks very expensive, but is anything… but? My vocabulary working its magic again today…

Anyway, I suggest getting crafty and making these earrings for yourself, while it’s still winter.


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