Turmeric is a celebrated herb used for skin care since the inception of civilization. Our grandmas and great grandmas didn’t have a salon or the zillion beauty products we have in our dresser, yet they had better skin than us, because they resorted to natural remedies, one of them being haldi. Today, though we know turmeric has magical powers we seldom use due to our ignorance of usage.


Here is how you use turmeric to cure and pamper your skin.

1. Haldi As An Anti-Bacterial Agent

Turmeric has been used as an antibacterial agent for its effective properties for generations. Turmeric paste is used as an antiseptic to treat heal small cuts and minor burns. Turmeric with its amazing healing agents cures wounds and keeps bacterial infections at bay from the skin.

2. Benefits Of Turmeric For Skin And Anti-Aging

Turmeric offers a fresh breath of air to aging skin. Haldi as it is called in India, both in paste and powder, has been an integral part of the beauty regimen of our women. When haldi is mixed with an equal quantity of raw milk and besan it acts as a great exfoliator for the skin and brings out the glow. This pack can be used before bathing regularly. Spread it generously all over your face and body and leave it for 10 minutes. Take bath and don’t use soap or any chemical body wash. Scrub in circular motions for the face.

3. Turmeric For Facial Hair Control

Facial hair has been a problem with south Asian women since the beginning of time. Did you know that when applied directly, turmeric helps in slowing down the growth of facial hair? Make a paste of raw haldi and apply it on your face directly. Once it dries, wash it off thoroughly so that the yellowish tone doesn’t stay back on the face. This formula will show its effectiveness only when continued for a longer time.

4. Haldi For Face And Youth

Haldi is packed with natural goodness for beautiful skin. Regular application of haldi will bless your skin with unbelievable elasticity. Use haldi paste with rose water every night and wake up to young and fresh looking face.

5. Turmeric For Skin Whitening

Regular exposure to sun and at times medical conditions cause discoloration and pigmentation to the skin. Sun tan also makes the face look dull. To fight this dullness use a mask of turmeric, lemon juice and honey. This pack will lighten the pigmentation and also even out the skin tone. This is the reason why a lot of herbal skin care products use Turmeric as its base ingredient.

6. Control Oily Skin Through Turmeric Use

Turmeric is also nature’s gift to those women who are fighting oily skin problems. A mixture of sandalwood paste with raw haldi and orange peel or orange juice can be applied on the face twice every week to get rid of excessive oil formation. The paste can be left for 10 minutes and washed off with lukewarm water.

7. Lighten Stretch Marks By Haldi Paste

Motherhood is a joy and you should embrace everything associated with it. Don’t let those stretch marks take it away from you because even those stretch marks have their own beauty. Having said that we do have a little trick for you if you really want to lighten them up. This also works for those people who have shredded some extra pounds lately and are now struggling to get those marks away. Mix some turmeric and besan with either rosewater, raw milk or yogurt and spread this pack on the affected area. Keep it till it dries and wash it off with lukewarm water. This can be repeated daily for fast results.

8. Turmeric Benefits For Acne

One great use of turmeric is towards the treatment of acne. Turmeric not only treats pimples and acne but also fades out the scars and marks through routine application. Crush raw turmeric and make a paste out of it. Pour a drop or two of rose water and a tea spoon of honey to this paste. Apply this mask on your full face or just dot them on the acne prone area as per your suitability. Keep for half an hour and rinse off. This will simultaneously cure acne and lighten the spot.

9. Turmeric Cures Cracked Heels

When winters torture your feet with cracked heels, treat them with turmeric. Make a mixture of turmeric paste with castor oil. Spread this mixture on the cracked heels every day before taking shower. Your cracked heels will get better and softer with every application.


1. For All Normal Skin: This recipe is ideal. Add turmeric into a bowl with sufficient amount of honey. Now, add a little milk or yogurt. The milk quantity added should be enough to make a paste out of it to stick to the face like a mask. Apply this mask on your face for 20 minutes before washing it off. Repeat this every few weeks depending on the necessity.

This mask helps in reducing dark circles when applied below the eye and does wonders to your skin!

2. Mask For Oily Skin: Mix turmeric powder and gram powder in a bowl. Add some water to the mixture to make sure it becomes a paste that can serve as a mask. Apply this mask to the face and leave on for 20 minutes.

This helps in oil control of the skin and making it appear normal.

3. For Dry Skin: Dry skinned people have a turmeric solution too. Mix turmeric powder, rose water and fresh cream in a bowl thoroughly. Make sure the turmeric powder quantity is half of that of fresh cream. Apply this mask to face for 20minutes before a wash.

This mask helps is reducing flaky skin at most times. Repeat the mask when necessary.

4. Looking For Some Quick Radiance: Mash avocado into a mixer, and mix the mashed avocado with turmeric and yogurt. Let the mixture get thoroughly mixed into a paste. Apply on skin for 5mins, wash it off and look radiant!

5. Turmeric Mask to Get Rid Of Acne Skin: Mix 1/2 teaspoon turmeric with 2 tablespoons of curd and 1/2 teaspoon of sandalwood powder. Mix thoroughly into a paste and apply on face. Wash after 10-15mins.

None of these masks will cost you a hole in your pocket, however, the results will take you by surprise. I can vouch for it because my mother uses them regularly, and looks like an elder sister to me. All because she has been using turmeric for skin regularly. But remember, pure turmeric might cause a little burning sensation on application so if you have hypersensitive skin, dilute turmeric with honey or sugar before applying it.

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