Don’t we just love the well hydrated bouncy, shiny and the non-frizzy hair? You do right. But the shampoo you use doesn’t do the magic. Sigh! Now imagine a number of hairstyling products we use and the build up from them. Makes the hair weighty and greasy over and over again, and that is why to avoid the same, a clarifying formula- the clarifying shampoo is a must.

What Is Clarifying Shampoo?

We encourage you to use a clarifying shampoo once a week, especially if you have been using styling products, dry shampoos, moving out too much without hair protection; you need clarifying shampoos. In clarifying shampoos, the formula is built to remove the most stubborn residues from your hair, for example, silicones and waxes, plain gunk and moisturizers that remain, leave in products and conditioners too, and even mineral deposits, should you be washing your hair with hard water. From getting deep into the scalp and removing the residue and the oils, the formula would cut through the stubborn scum skunks and rid them off; your regular shampoos don’t have the power to do the same.

How To Use Clarifying Shampoo

Not only do you need to know how to use clarifying shampoos, you must also know how often to use it as well. When using clarifying shampoos, remember, the technique of hair washing with the formula would be the same as you would with regular shampoos- the tenure would differ, though. A small amount of shampoo the size of a coin would be more than enough to start with. Apply it on the hair roots and the mid-lengths all the way to the end of the hair. Massage the scalp lightly and continue for a good minute or two. Wash off after a minute and a half and check with your fingers if all the dirt has left. If you feel that the dirt has still not left, please repeat the steps.

If the water being used is hard water, you may have to use two rounds of the shampoo till it suds. Once the shampooing is done, always rinse well. The water should run clear; don’t be in a hurry. If you still see dirt coming out, repeat the shampooing process and then rinse very well again.

Don’t forget to use a mild conditioner from a good company once the shampooing is done. Apply the conditioner only on the mid-lengths to the ends of the hair. Since clarifying shampoos are devoid of conditioners, you have to post condition the hair and allow the hair mask to sit for at least five minutes. Wash off with water and towel dry your hair. This is how you give more love to your hair.

Reasons Why You Need Clarifying Shampoos

1. To Remove Build Up

If you have recently done treatments to your hair, used too many styling products as mentioned, have used wax, mousse and gels on the hair, a clarifying shampoo can help remove the residual remnants. And if you have been using silicone products; they don’t leave the hair easily with regular shampooing, which is why you need clarifying shampoos.

2. Before You Color Your Hair

Remember there are permanent and temporary hair colors. The former enters the cuticles, while the latter coats the cuticles. If you want permanent hair coloring to be done, the hair needs to allow the colors to seep into the cortex, without which it wouldn’t absorb the color and moisture or the oxygen gas. So before you color your hair, the hair needs to be washed off well; else the colors wouldn’t be able to break through the coating left behind by the residues on the hair.

3. If You Wish To Use Milder Shampoos

Although clarifying shampoos are strong in cleansing, they wouldn’t do harm when done once a week. Most as sulphate free and acidic by nature, which is good for the hair and the scalp and are pretty much mild too- clarifying shampoos help rid the hair of residues and deposits, and the oils as well. But after using a clarifying shampoo, don’t forget to use a mild conditioner too.

4. If Your Hair Is Drying Away At Rapid Speeds

If the porosity is low and the hair is brittle and dry, you would need to use clarifying shampoos once a week. If this is not done, your hair would be weighty and dead or dull, and wouldn’t respond to conditioners and moisturizers that otherwise can save your hair. And in the long run, your hair would turn absolutely dry.

5. If You Use Too Much Hair Oil

We keep emphasizing on hot oil treatments to nourish the hair follicles, but sometimes the oils stay back and coat the scalp and the hair, which we may or may not notice. Most girls and women in India are heavy hair oil users, and that is why we would ask you to invest in clarifying shampoos. They cleanse the hair of every drop of remaining oil in the hair, and a post-conditioning treatment brings back the shine and bounce sans tangles to manage the hair with.

I Don’t Use Styling Products, Do I Still Need It?

The answer is YES. Just because you haven’t used styling products ever or in a while, your scalp and hair would still be hiding build-up which cannot be seen with a naked eye. A total reboot of sorts would be needed to kill the immune ways of build up happening on the scalp. Do you know, using regular shampoos and conditioners too can cause residual build up over time; hence choosing clarifying shampoos for the hair type you have is a must.

Who Needs Clarifying Shampoos The Most?

  • If you use too many styling products almost daily
  • If you have been using plenty of dry shampoo
  • If you swim in chlorinated pools daily
  • If you shampoo rare
  • If you work outdoors mostly

Important Pointer To Remember Here!

  • Hair technicians would warn you about clarifying shampoos and ask you to use it only once a week since they can dry the scalp soon.
  • Even if you have an oily scalp, do not shampoo the hair more than once a week. Your natural oils in the hair produced by the sebaceous glands in the scalp help maintain the balance of moisture and the pH levels- clarifying them too much can rip them off.
  • Don’t forget to use a conditioning treatment after clarifying the hair and the shampoo, a pre-hair mask helps with the same. It helps remove any other residues left after the shampooing is done. And in addition to that, it helps coat the hair and removes the unwanted residue too.

We hope this information comes in handy on clarifying shampoos available in India and how to use them. Do let us know your thoughts on the same, and for any doubts, we would advise speaking to your hair technician!