Succulents are the most popular plants on the internet. It seems that these little plants have conquered the hearts of many. Seems like everyone has gone crazy about them. Therefore, they are frequently used in making DIY decor for homes and gardens. Today I have a brilliant idea for you. Why don’t you make a beautiful wreath with succulents? It will look so amazing. And the process of making is not as difficult as you think. I have a helpful step by step tutorial, that will show you how it’s done. Check out the best ideas for a DIY succulent wreath for your garden!

This is how it looks like! It is so rich and dense, everyone will be amazed! Probably your neighbors will ask you where can they buy it.


The process of making is so simple, that you will be finished in no-time.


  • metal wreath frame,
  • some soil suitable for succulents,
  • liner,
  • your special selection of succulent plants.

Put some of the liner around the metal frame. It will help to hold the soil in place.

With the help of a knife, make some holes in the liner. They should be big enough for the succulent plants to fit in. Put the succulents one by one. Place them very dense, so they will cover the whole liner. You can place some additional decorations in between the succulents.

And voila- your DIY succulent wreath is ready! Now you can show it off in your garden. Also, you can make a heart shaped wreath. It will be so beautiful decoration for a wedding. Or maybe, it will be the perfect gift for a very special person.

Get inspired by these succulent wreath ideas and create your own unique piece!