This season, top knots are in flavor and creating big fashion news. Be it the perfect top knot bun, or the messy ones or top knot hair extensions, many celebs and famous personalities are spotted, flaunting it with cool aplomb. The hair extensions not only diminish the austerity of the bun but also lend any lady of any age that soft, impishness and mischievous and sensual look associated with a young girl of early 20s. Doing it the clean way would add elegance and sophistication to your overall aura but the dirty way use of top knot hair extensions would complete the impish look hands down. Let’s go step by step to doing it.

Materials Needed For Bun Hair Extensions

For creating your dream bun, you would require a good hair brush, the large hair doughnut, bun hair extensions, adequate number of bobby pins, two hair ties and a hair spray of good brand and quality to protect your hair from any damage. The hair extensions should be as similar in color and texture to your natural hair.

Step 1

First and foremost, we get the bun with the extensions ready. For it, foremost, the quad weft which is available either by itself or included with the hair extensions is taken and clipped to the hair doughnut. It should be clipped a little below the middle.

Step 2

Next, the hair is twisted to facilitate easier wrapping and then poked through the middle of the hair doughnut.

Step 3

The hair is now spread in such a way that all those top knot hair extension clips are covered. Wrapping of the hair around the doughnut is continued till no free hair remains.

Step 4

The end of the weft are now pinned with the aid of bobby pins so that they remain secure and locked in place. Once the quad weft is wrapped, one of the two-clip wefts are taken and clipped securely to the hair doughnut. Wrapping and pinning of the weft is done in the same manner like the quad weft was wrapped. It should completely cover any sparse areas. The hair extensions are kept wrapping around the doughnut till the desired thickness is obtained. Care should be taken that a hole is left in the middle which is big enough to accommodate your genuine hair through.

Step 5

A top knot bun implies your bundle of hair wound at the top of the head. To create the perfect bun, your hair should be shampooed the same day or preferable the day before. Brush your hair properly, preferably by flipping your head over and brushing the hair up. Now collect together all the hair and tie a ponytail as high as you want your bun to be, using a hair tie. You can also gently backcomb your ponytail to add volume to it. The prepared hair extension bun would now be attached to the hair. For it, the ponytail is fed through the hole in the center of the prepared hair extension bun. All hair is then spread around it such that any bobby pins or hair extension clips remaining visible gets completely hidden.

Step 6

Another hair tie is now used over the top of the bun so that it remains secure in its place. Any loose bits of hair hanging around the bottom or sides can be secured using bobby pins. To ensure that the finished glam look stays throughout the day, mist the top knot with a top quality hair spray.

Whoa, your chic looking thick topknot is ready with top knot hair extensions and no obvious and visible clips.

Various Variations And Decorations

There are numerous ways to use top knot hair extensions to ooze off a slightly different look each time. Giving your ponytail a little more tease can enhance the messy look of the bun. For this, the ponytail can be divided into two parts. Each part can be teased downright to the ends and then merged together to one piece. If you are the one who abhors the exact outline of the padding, pull a few sections of hair randomly to make it look slightly uneven and more natural looking. Getting a few lock tresses free from the front can also add a softer and more glamorous look. Check out any fashion magazine for that tiny whiny uncontrollable hair which increases the overall sensual appeal!

According to the occasion, the buns can be decorated as well to make them more compatible with the outfits. For instance, the center back or the front can have a clip with features attached, like butterflies, flowers etc. A crocheted net over the bun can make its own stylish statement. Lend it an oriental look by skewing it with a chop stick or hat pin or other similar items. Simply wrapping a colorful ribbon in various styles can add its own charm to the already stylish top knot bun.


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