Just when you thought you were set for the day – hair and makeup done and your best suit worn, those darn empty nails look sad. But you have just ten minutes before the cab comes to pick you up and yet want a touch of happiness on those nails – what to do? Go ahead and apply your two coats, because we are here to tell you how to dry your nails fast. Believe us when we say, there are easy home based ways on how to dry your nails fast, sometimes faster than you can ask SIRI or GOOGLE how to dry your nails fast. Let’s take a look!

7 Ways On How To Make Your Nails Dry Faster, Unveiled!

1. If you have a cooking spray at home, it would be best to use it as an agent to dry your nails fast. It works, but you would have cooking spray on your palms, so be careful when drying your nails in a jiffy. Spray a little of the oil onto your nails once the two coats are done and let it be for a minute. Wipe out with a paper towel and only the excess oil would come out, not the nail paint!

2. Cold ice water can help dry out your nails fast. Before you get all flustered about the use of ice cold water to explain how to dry nails quickly, remember science here. It is the cold water molecules which bind together and close up to keep the nail paint intact as you dip your fingers into the bowl. Keep steady for three minutes and the nail polish solidifies onto the nails.

3. We all have a blow dryer at home, which is why we will ask you to go on the least heat or choose a blow dryer with a cold setting to blow dry the nail paint in a jiffy. Place the fingers under the blow dryer for two minutes and then watch how the nail paint remains intact.

4. Do you have an air duster at home or maybe a duster for the laptop keyboard? Use that since it has ingredients within that would absorb the heat, and lets out cooling sprays to solidify the nail paint too. Perfect to use when you don’t know how long does it take for nails to dry, since it defies the laws and dries the nail paint soon!

5. For a minute and if you could brave the cold, place your fingers in the freezer and the nail paint would solidify. Remember, only a minute and not more; you don’t want to end up with bites from the frost or cold sore numb fingers in the name of beauty.

6. Lacquers work wonders if you are looking at drying your nail fast. What you can do is to not use the top coat and work the lacquer spray on the nail art as soon as it is done, and the drying effect would happen quickly. Some of the best lacquers that we use to set the hair with, would be okay to use. But we would still prefer you speak to a nail art expert to help you in choosing the right lacquer for nails. Remember, no top coat; use lacquer.

7. Did you know, a drop of baby oil applied on each nail once the nail polish is put and set, can help dry your nails fast? In less than five minutes, the oil would help coagulate on the nails and then the excess can be wiped out, sans the nail paint peeling or bleeding off the nails. This is one of the best ways to get the nails moisturized and the cuticles softened too. Try it!

If you have your own ways on fastest way to dry your nails with, do write in and let us know! We would love to try our hands with your tips and share them with our readers too.

Source: fashionlady.in

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