USA born, living Barbie doll Evon Wahab imparts her knowledge on her how-to everyday hair routine boost!

The video stacked up more than 79,200 likes on YouTube and it was posted just 5 days ago!

Hair is one of the most important features when it comes to your overall look and the way it affects and boosts self-confidence. It’s not for nothing that we use ‘the bad hair day’ saying in order to address our sadness on selected days of the year.

My hairstylist would even argue that our manes are an extension of our internal landscape. So what do we do to better our situation? Do I need to get ‘a do’ every day? Most of the time I just look like I’ve rolled out of bed and I don’t wanna do that anymore. Fortunately, I think I’ve found a video which takes the easiest approach to the everyday routine.

Evon’s hair is cut a little bit shorter in the front and it’s also quite wavier there too.

Always start with a heath protector before putting an iron anywhere near your hair!

Divide it into sections.

Brush the underneath strands. That’s the section you’ll start off with first! Apply a finish-serum on the strands. First, straighten the strands out.

Now, take the whole right side strand and position the straightener somewhere in the middle. Applying barely any pressure at all, twist it towards the inner part, as if towards the chests. Follow the way of the strand as it curls itself toward the inner side. Imagine doing a C-shape with the iron. Refer to the video to see how to do that.

Repeat the procedure with the rest of the strands.

Use hair spray to fix the hair and keep in line the fly away hairs!