Breaking all myths and nonsensical thoughts, the new-age, ever since we entered the 00s, has shown us that women of all walks of life and age groups legit, have used Brazilian waxing to enhance themselves. Let’s now take a look at what is Brazilian waxing and the tips thereof, if this would be your first time doing it. Please read on and be well-informed.

What Is Brazilian Wax?

We know what bikini waxing and Hollywood waxing is all about, but when we utter the concept of Brazilian waxing, it sounds exotic and one that is a must-try.

In layman terms, other forms of waxing would or would not remove all the hair from the pubic region, and the anus too. In Brazilian waxing, the same is done but, all hair is removed.

Here a landing strip is left on the top of the pubic bone, and the hair is pulled out of this region.

This causes a triangle shape to form, and is measured in widths. Some women like wider widths while others want it all gone.

Now that you have an idea on what Brazilian waxing is all about, let’s take a look at some tips to adhere to before you get the Brazilian waxing done.

Before Brazilian Wax Tips:

1. Shower With Warm Water Before An Appointment

Before we get into Brazilian waxing, it is important to clean up with warm water and an antiseptic soap. In doing so, the dead layers of the skin and all the dirt would be removed. When you wax, the hair is pulled out of the pores and this makes the pores open up. If there is dirt and bacteria around, it could enter the pores and cause infection. Hence, cleaning up before the appointment is a must.

2. Don’t Use Lotions, Oils Or Ice

Lotions, oils or creams or even ice, would create a barrier over the skin and not allow the wax to come in contact with the skin. This would be a cohesive force created that would make waxing tougher to do and much more painful. Lotions and creams would make the area slippery too.

Ice on the other hand would keep the pores shrunken so much, as to hold onto the hair follicles and not allow it to be pulled out easily, which can cause more pain.

3. Don’t Have Sex Before Your Appointment

At least a day before the Brazilian waxing appointment is made, sexual activities, especially peno-vaginal intercourse shouldn’t be done. This is because, the area around the pelvic region, especially the vagina would be tender and sensitive. The blood vessels under the skin in this zone especially would be much dilated. When waxing is done, the force could further dilate the blood vessels and make the waxing a painful decree to bear with.

4. Take A Pain Preventer (If You Are Worried About The Discomfort)

For most women with low threshold of pain, you could ask your aesthetician to administer anti pain sprays to use. Brazilian waxing is slightly painful because it focuses on areas that are too sensitive and where the skin is thin too. Hence when waxing happens here, chances are the tug and pull can cause pain that cannot be handled by everyone.

5. Let Your Hair Grow

It is a myth that hair should be cut or trimmed before waxing. Don’t do this. Your hair should be at least five inch long for it to be waxed. If the skin aesthetician has to trim the pubes and the hair around the pubic zone, they would do it should they deem it fit. If the hair is too short, the grip wouldn’t come by and hence the waxing would be unsuccessful.

6. Stop Scrubbing Or Exfoliating

Cleaning is a must before waxing is done, but that doesn’t mean you go full throttle and painfully scrub or exfoliate the region to remove dirt and grime. What you need is a gentle wash up and that is it. If you exfoliate or scrub, you would end up removing the upper layer of the skin and making the skin extra sensitive to touch and feel. Waxing on such surfaces would be deadly; painful for sure, besides ripping the skin off the surface and expose the dermal layers to infection and bleeding. Hence, do not scrub or exfoliate at all.

7. Don’t Booze Before Waxing

No consuming alcohol before you indulge in Brazilian waxing. This is because the blood vessels run amok and they dilate. This can cause an unruly scene beneath the skin and water retention happens which makes the skin very lose; much more than what it naturally is. If this happens, waxing cannot be a success and you would end up hurting the skin a lot and it could lead to wear and tear as well.

8. Avoid Coffee

As the same with alcohol, coffee too would be a no-no before the Brazilian waxing is done. It is advised not to have a cup of the brew before waxing, because the ingredient in coffee makes the blood vessels dilated, resulting in the skin not being strong enough to withstand the tug and pull of waxing.

9. Don’t Book Your Appointment While You Are On Your Period (Even Avoid Few Days Before And After Periods)

A few days before and after you have your periods, wait for a week at least and then opt for Brazilian waxing. It is obvious that the blood vessels around the region are still weak and dilated, and this could lead to hypersensitivity and sensitiveness which cannot be dealt with strongly. If you wax the area forcefully, chances are that the session would not be successful and the skin would get loose and rip off at certain parts.

10. Tell Your Aesthetician About Any Medications You Are On

A skin aesthetician needs to be told about the medications you are on, since the contraindications need to be taken seriously. Clients that suffer from hypertension, diabetes, allergies to antibiotics, perfumes etc should be honest with their skin aestheticians about the same. This is because, the skin would not be able to take it all when under medication, and this could lead to itching and burning when the waxing is done. If this is you first time waxing, virgin hair when pulled out can hurt and inflame the area, which is normal.

11. Last But Not The Least, Be Prepared

Read about Brazilian waxing, check the reviews of the place you would be going to and getting it done, and also get yourself mentally prepped up for the same.

Follow the above points we mentioned and that would be more than enough to prep you up. If you need more help, before you book an appointment, it would be best to check with the aesthetician on what kind of clothing to wear, what to expect and how long it would take for you.


Now that we have told you how to prep up for Brazilian waxing, we need to help you with the post care tips too. Please read on and be well-informed for the same.

After Brazilian Wax Tips

1. Prevent Ingrown Hairs

In any type of waxing, chances are if the specialist doesn’t do it well, you may end up with ingrown hair.

What you need to do is instantly get a cold compress done to close the pores. After two full days, you can use a mild exfoliator to scrub the skin gently. This would also prevent the ingrown hair growth and would help remove the dirt from the skin too. Lather your body with a mild soap or body wash.

2. Wear Loose Clothing Afterwards

Do not wear tight clothing on your body, your skin needs respite and needs to breathe as well. Carry a set of loose fitting lowers and pyjamas along with loose fitting trunks instead of panties for the next forty eight hours to wear. If your skin is not kept free for air to circulate, chances are that the dirt, grime, sweat and bacteria would stick to the skin causing infection and inflammation. The more you allow the area to breathe, the better it is for you.

3. Hands Off

You would be tempted to feel the silky touch of the freshly waxed skin, but don’t do it. This is because the hands would have dirt and grime on it and bacteria too. This would enter the skin pores and create infection. Redness and itching would happen, which would be very uncomfortable to bear and deal with.

4. Don’t Take Hot Bath/Sauna/Steam For The Next 2 Days

Avoid the saunas and the hot baths for the next two days. This is because the heat would make the pores open up and this would lead to the entering of dirt, grime and bacteria into them. If this happens, then the skin would have bumps and itchiness and more happening, which would lead to boils and more. You don’t want that happening, and certainly none of us are fans of itching and inflammation.

5. Avoid Sex For At Least 24-48 Hours

Control the urge to have sex in the next twenty four to forty eight hours. Sexual intercourse would mean rubbing on the skin, which is already too sensitive post waxing. This could also lead to wear and tear of the skin when force is applied and when friction happens during sexual intercourse. So help yourself stay safe by not having sex for the next two days after the Brazilian waxing is done.

6. Avoid Immediate Exercise

Do not hit the gym soon after the waxing is done. This is because the areas are still sensitive where the waxing has happened and some of the pores of the skin are still open. You would be sweating out while working out, and the sweat would trickle into the open pores. This could lead to infection, inflammation, itchiness and redness. So wait for at least two days and then hit the gym; start with light exercises and then go on with your daily workouts.

7. Don’t Exfoliate For At Least 2 Days

Exfoliating your lady parts for the next two days wouldn’t be advised.

Firstly, the skin is weak and sensitive from all the waxing done.

Second, the pores are yet to shut and come back to normalcy.

Third, you don’t want any form of infection, wear and tear, inflammation and itchiness to happen.

So wait for two days and then use a mild body wash and an exfoliant to exfoliate with.

Here were the various tips on post care when Brazilian waxing is done. Now let us take a look at the major tips to consider if this is your first time getting Brazilian waxing.


We are going to summarize with the do’s and don’t’s of Brazilian waxing now. Please check the list.

The DOs

  1. Your skin should be kept clean by washing, so that the hair follicles are cleansed and the bacteria from the skin is washed away.
  1. Don’t forget to get the skin moisturized every day, a day before the waxing it should stop, and a day after the waxing it should start
  1. Once the waxing is done, get back to the expert in a week’s time for skin exfoliation. They would use the right body scrub or the body wash.
  1. Shower with plain water to get rid of the sweat which can clog the pores and lead to infection.
  1. At night, where loose boyfriend shorts, trunks or sleep with no underwear at all for the first night. This helps the skin to breathe.
  1. After waxing, it is a must to use ice on the waxed areas so that the irritation and the redness is reduced. This should be done especially if you have super sensitive skin.
  1. Wear loose comfortable clothing for a week at least until the skin comes back to its normalcy.


  1. Avoid scrubbing and exfoliation for the next two days post waxing
  1. If you are using loofahs, choose one that is made from natural fibres
  1. Don’t use fragrant feminine products and deos for a day after waxing
  1. Don’t sun tan, sun bathe or roam around in the sun exposing the areas that have been waxed for two days.
  1. If there are ingrown hairs to deal with, don’t pick them by yourself which could lead to scarring. Book an appointment with the specialist and get them dealt with
  1. Never hit the gym a day after the waxing, wait for two days and then go back to working out.
  1. Do not swim in public pools because the chlorinated water can infect the skin
  1. Avoid tight clothing and underwear for two days after waxing at least
  1. Avoid waxing a few days before and after your periods.

Here were the summarized tips on pre and post Brazilian waxing care. Now let’s answer some of the queries you may have in mind on Brazilian waxing!


1. In Short, Tell Me About Brazilian Waxing

There are no set definitions when we describe the concept of Brazilian waxing. Every parlour calls it something or the other. This is a process where the hair in totality is taken from the bikini top and the sides, and from the labia area and around the bunny tails to be removed. Some women have it all clean, while others prefer a triangle shape. The requests can be made and the perineum can be decked up accordingly.

2. I Heard It Hurts Like Hell

Truth is, waxing can hurt, and any form of waxing can. The hair is ripped out of the follicles and this isn’t a pleasant experience to be honest. But an expert hand at work would make it less painful for you. She would hold your skin tight, and then wax. Do not wax a week before the periods, since the skin is sensitive at this time. At least half an hour before the appointment, you may be asked to pop in painkillers or use an anti pain spray. If you feel the pain is too much while the waxing is on, please let the aesthetician know.

3. Do You Get To Use Numbing Creams

Most parlour experts would give you numbing creams to use before the waxing is done. But this is not right, since the creams cohesiveness can interfere with the waxing and can cause allergies on the skin.

4. How Long Are The Results To Last

After the first waxing is done, the results can last for three to six weeks; it depends on the hair growth rate of each individual. In some cases, you could see regrowth after two weeks, and in some cases after four to five weeks. Since heat causes hair growth to happen faster, summers are when you would see regrowth happening sooner, than what you would in winters.

5. What Should I Wear When Waxing Is Done

Most women opt to get the waxing done when fully naked. However, it is up to you. You can drape a towel and do the same.

6. What Is The Procedure For Brazilian Waxing

The hair would be first snipped with a pair of scissors. This is done only if necessary. Then the wax would be applied on the area and the hair is then stripped off with a tug and pull. When the hairs are removed, there would be a first aid solution that would be applied to soothe the area and the skin.

7. Are There Any Side Effects

None as such to be worried about, but it depends on the skin of the client. Sometimes, hairs can break at the root and cause ingrown hairs, and at times the sun can play harsh on the skin after waxing, which is why we avoid the sun post the treatment.

Do not exercise after waxing for a day or else the sweat would enter the pores and cause infection.

No exfoliating the skin, no using AHA creams and scrubs too, which might irritate the skin. Tight clothing should be avoided at all costs, which can cause ingrown hairs and irritation of the skin.

8. I Heard Of Discomforts Associated Post Waxing, Is It True

If this is the first time that you would be getting Brazilian waxing, remember, the levels of discomfort would depend upon the pain threshold you have and how coarse your hair is, and how sensitive your skin is. For first timers, after the first waxing is done, for an hour or so she may feel sore and a little discomfort, which is normal and it goes off in a days’ time. This is why, we ask you to let your skin breathe and to not wear tight lowers or jeans after waxing. The second time on when you wax, it would be a breeze, since the skin is now adept at the tug and pull and knows how to bounce back to normalcy too. You wouldn’t feel any major discomforts as such when the waxing is done and over with after the second time.

9. I Am Pregnant, Can I Get Brazilian Waxing

Yes, you can. However, we need to first check with your doctor on the same. This is a time when your body and your skin is super sensitive, and it would be best to wait till you reach your second trimester before you wax. Pregnant women cannot get a full monty wax as such or if you are above five months of pregnancy. The skin wouldn’t be able to handle too much of the pull.

10. When Should I Not Wax?

  • If you use RETIN A, RENOVA and AHAs on the skin or acutane too
  • If your skin has laser burns and sun burns or pimples and pustules
  • If you have any form of diabetes
  • If you have allergies and rashes around your lady parts
  • If you have a case of STDS
  • If you are on your periods
  • If you just got tanning done
  • If you just got tattoos done
  • If you have had a glass of booze
  • If you are unclean and unsanitised down there.

We hope this mini guide on everything you needed to know about Brazilian waxing comes in handy. There are many myths and misconceptions about Brazilian waxing, which we think in this day and age needs to be debunked. For further clarification, it would be wise to speak with your skin aesthetician to know if you are the right candidate for Brazilian waxing or not. Remember, this is your skin we are talking about, and do not just blindly follow what fashion magazines or the parlor lady says. We would ask you to do your own homework on the same and then make a decision if you really want to get Brazilian waxing or not.

All the best!