Carli Bybel is a makeup and hair YouTube vlogger. Other fields that she explores are fashion.  She has a lot of fashion editorials posted on her site as well her makeup and hair tutorials. I have to mention that she designed a 14 Color Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette for BH Cosmetics. The girl has fingers in many pies!

With more than 3 million followers on Facebook, it’s safe to say that she knows a damn good deal about the things she writes about.

In this particular video, we are going to see a showcase on a more dramatic look. She opted for copper and plum colors.

Apply a peachy shadow all over your eyelids. Apply some underneath the brow as well. Pick up the copper color in the 14 Color Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette with a large blending brush and apply it right into the crease. With a small pencil brush and the plum color of the same palette start filling in the outer V of the eye. Slowly blend in the shade.

With a smaller blending brush and a little bit of the same purple shadow, blend the two colors together. In addition, use a large blending brush and some of the same copper shade, blend all of it again together. Next thing to do is the eyeliner. You want to start off with a rough draft.

Apply fake lashes. Go in with that same dark plum color and wet the pencil brush with fixed plus first and just darken all of the shades just a tad. Keep blending.

For underneath the eye use the same plum color. Highlight the inner corner of your eyes. To end the eye, apply one eyeliner one more time.

Moving on to the face, bronze the cheek with the Kat Von D contour palette. Go on to blush.

As for the lips, Carli uses a liquid lipstick and then lines up the lips with a lip liner.

The end result really makes me jealous of her skills. I wish I could look nearly the same as she does. Maybe I can if I put a little effort and follow the video!