The Internet collectively gasped for breath when Lancome debuted its rose-inspired highlighterearlier this week. La Rose a Poudrer features a faux rose with petals that are dusted with illuminating powder. The whole product which sits in a sweet, delicate, and, of course, pink box. It was basically the only thing that could take our rose gold obsessions to a new dreamy level — untilCarrie Underwood used the makeup product as inspiration for her Golden Globes look.

On Sunday’s red carpet, the singer emerged in a pretty pastel dress adorned in roses that could’ve been taken straight from Lancome. The dress balanced sleek and sexy with elegance that could only work in 2017.

Rose gold unsurprisingly was seen all over this years Globes’ carpet in a variety of airy princess dresses.

But Carrie Underwood has now made it totally OK to dress as your favorite beauty product. So, sure, feel free to wear your Urban Decay palette to work tomorrow.

Take a look at her beautiful dress, below.

And here are some of the Globes’ other rosy dresses.

Lola Kirke:

Lily Collins:

Felicity Jones: