Keeping up and informing you about new Instagram beauty trends (makeup and nails mostly) is something that we’re quite good at. You’ve seen rainbow roots, glitter tips and marble lips, and now it’s time for your nails. Appropriately, there’s a new nail trend taking Instagram by storm, and that’s quartz nails.

These are named and designed after the rose quartz, a mineral known to resonate out its love energy into its surrounding, and these light pink nails will make your hands look super dreamy.

Here are some of the best examples of this nail trend, as found by Bored Panda.

1. The gold rings accompany it perfectly

2. On top of the real thing

3. Just a bit of bling

4. Super dreamy

5. Rings and blings

6. They look good with this baggy sweater

7. Just a bit of white

8. Partial

They look just as good as the actual mineral.

9. Subtle

10. Some more baggy sweater action

11. I’ll call these “nude quartz”

12. Some more nude quartz

13. The subtle gold bling accompanies this color beautifully

I have a feeling that rose gold decals might look just as good though.

14. That’s one beautiful diamond


16. Some brighter colored bling

17. Complimenting beautiful jewelry

18. Just a little bit of promotion

19. A heftier amount of bling

20. A hint of ink there

Will you give these quartz nails a try? Have any more photos of them to share? Share them in the comments!