Between the latest tress trends, like rose gold, hidden rainbow, and gray ombré hair — plus, all of these shades that are hot for fall — I’m sure you can hardly decide what to do next with your hair color. To make the decision even harder, colorist Hannah Edelman, owner of Brush In Hand Salon in Brooklyn, NY, came up with fall’s latest must-have hue and now everyone’s even more overwhelmed with stunning options.

Edelman told PopSugar that she used colorful hues from Pravana Vivids, like purple, orange, pink, and mauve, mixed with dark and warm-medium browns to create the unconventional brown tone. “The darkest brown [shade] started with red, yellow, and green,” Edelman told the outlet. “Then I added orange and purple and other random sh*t until I liked what I saw.”

Edelman’s client Marlena (pictured above) had brunette hair to start, so she had to lift Marlena’s natural pigment with bleach to bring her to the palest shade of blonde before painting on the color. Edelman told PopSugar that this color would work well on “lucky people who are naturally light blond,” but if you’re starting with a darker shade it’s going to be more of a process. Marlena had to wait three weeks so that her roots could grow in, so that Edelman could use the Balayage (painting) technique to apply the color. This would ultimately help her new hue blend in better with her regrowth over the next couple of months.

When it was time for the application, “I took irregular sections of her hair, always on some kind of diagonal, and painted them,” Edelman explained. “Most of them are color melted [when you blend highlights with your base hair color],” meaning she blended each hue into the next, so you could see the different shade variations. “That gave this look a subtle dimension, almost an iridescence,” she added. And I’d have to agree, it’s so shiny!

By now, you’re probably feeling inspired to switch up your strand color — I know I am! So, if you’re looking to create a warm, fall color that’s “toned-down but not totally normal” (what Marlena asked Edelman for, according to PopSugar), check to see if a colorist near you is well-versed in Pravana Vivids, or is comfortable playing around with different hair colors. (You can get a pretty good grasp on how well they they work with color by simply scrolling through their Instagram.)

Otherwise, you could ask for a mauve rinse, regardless of your natural hair color, or try to blend a few temporary color-depositing formulas together yourself at home to get a similar result. Manic Panic in a purple tone, like “Purple Haze”, a pink like “Cotton Candy,” mixed with a brown tone, like “Vampire’s Kiss” could be the perfect blend!


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