Summer is finally here. Time to dust off the denim shorts and crop tops, grab a scoop of ice cream or an ice cold drink and just enjoy the season while it lasts, because it’ll be over before you blink.

And of course, summer along with bringing appropriate clothing, cold treats, sunbathing and tons of swimming, it also brings along its own makeup looks. At least, it does if you trust YouTube makeup artists.

While normally the color bronze isn’t associated with the best of the best, when you take a look at this glam glowy summer makeup look brought to us by the lovely Christen Dominique, I think you’ll be totally fine.

When it comes to makeup artist YouTubers, Christen is someone you can trust. Not only does she have well over 2.6m subscribers (as of June 2017), but she also knows a thing or two about makeup, to say the least.

And with that in mind, let’s take a look what goes into this bronze and glowy style.

She starts off by making it very clear that your face should stay hydrated

She states “My face is always dry, no matter what season it is, it’s… it’s just dry”, and then uses a Neutrogena Hydroboost hydrating and cleansing gel to start things off (as you could probably tell, she is advertising the product in the video, and in fact Neutrogena as a whole)

After washing her face she proceeds to apply the hydrating serum, as it “absorbs into the skin super-fast”.

And she then applies and blends the so-called “tint”

Then she proceeds to concealer and blending

And then it’s just a matter of applying the typical eyeshadow, lipstick and the all-important highlighter

Check out the video below for a more detailed guide on how to achieve this look and get yourself one step closer to a perfect summer glow. Now all that’s left is to don that mesh crop top and those denim shorts and you’ll be a total stunner!