Unique and detailed manicures don’t have to be always colorful, just a clear base is enough. Did you know how amazing nail designs can be with only clear base polishes? Well, I didn’t either but now let me tell you that I am in need of a few more clear polishes. Manicures with no backgrounds usually let you create intricate and unreal designs that definitely stand out without being over the top. Are you curious to see what I am talking about? If so, then just keep scrolling.


The gold and studded manicures are so beautiful, I could probably stare at them all day long.


What about this graphic manicure? It is so modern and edgy. The black design looks amazing with the chrome polish. Don’t you think?


Clear trinket-inspired nails are spreading some serious ’90s flashbacks. I am not against it though, so cute!


Silver and gold never looked better. They remind me of glittering jewelry and I have to say that I am in love.


This pearly polish is mind-blowing. Those jewel clusters and the manicure is truly phenomenal.


Have you ever seen a more beautiful intricate manicure with a clear base? I don’t think so.

Source: metdaan.com

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