Hey, girls!

I am back with another post! Today, we would be talking about which color lipstick would suit a blue dress. Blue is one among the trending colors which are warm and vibrant at the same time. Blue being a vibrant color, sometimes, it becomes difficult to pick up the right type of makeup accordingly. The story is completely different with the blue color, as only a few colors go well with it and hence you should pay attention while picking up makeup to wear with a blue dress. Blue being a bright hue, you should pick up a color which does not contradict the blue color but complements it well. So, if you want to make your lips the center of attraction while wearing a blue dress, here we mention some of the best color lipsticks which would suit your blue dress.

1. Nude shade:

If you’re wearing a dark or royal blue dress, you can try to keep your pout as simple as possible. Wearing nude shade is one among the best lip colors which would blend well with the blue dress. You can choose the right type of nude shade lipstick according to your skin tone and apply the right one. Sometimes, keeping things simple is more attractive! You can use Maybelline Color Jolt Matte Intense Lip Paint 04 Show Off Nude.

2. Peachy red lipstick:

Another color which would go well with all kind of blue clothes is peachy red lipstick. Peachy red lipstick is generally suitable for girls with dusky skin tone. It comes with a strong hint of a red and low note of peachy shade in it. It looks good on lips and would surely complement your blue dress. Use Wet n Wild Charred Cherry Velvet Matte Lip Colour with a blue dress.

3. Pale pink lipstick:

If you’re a girl with almond, caramel or olive skin tone, you should opt for pale pink lipsticks. The pale pink lipstick comes with a light pinkish shade which goes well with dark or light blue dress. It looks good on your lips and especially with a dark colored dress. Complete the makeup with pale pink lipstick, smokey eyes and properly contoured skin. Use Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge For Lips and Cheeks – Pale Pink to get gorgeous lips.

4. Coral lipstick:

Coral lipstick is one among the trending lipstick colors these days. The coral color is basically a hint of pinkish color. There are different types of coral lipstick shades like neon-ish color, pale coral, coral pink, etc. You can choose anyone among them which suits your dress well. Coral lipstick is best to be worn during daytime as it looks both, bright and warm as well. Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hr Lipstick – Stay With Me Coral is a beautiful coral shade.

5. Velvet pink:

Velvet pink should be the lipstick of the day as it goes well with the blue dress. Velvet pink lipstick shade can be worn at night parties or during the daytime. It is the perfect pick for your gorgeous blue dress! You should keep your makeup as simple as possible and highlight your lips with dark velvet pink color lipstick. Use Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick 10 Don’t Pink of Itwith your gorgeous looking blue dress.

6. Royal red:

If you are a girl with fair and yellow tone, you should opt for royal red lipstick. Royal red lipstick is especially for those for the extremely fair complexion as it suits their skin tone and also complements the blue dress. You can use Maybelline #190 Royal Red Moisture Extreme Lipstick with your blue dress.