Tribal reminds me of the same term used in tattoo industry. Tribal tattoos are mostly for men in masculine style which is inherited from the culture of Maori, Polynesian, etc.. How do the tribal nails look like on the stylish women?

All nail designs are the sole outfits for women, so are the tribal nails. This design is featured with colorful patterns formed of dots, stripes, and geometric shapes. The visual patterns create strong effect on the audience. The abstract makes most of tribal nails share the same visual motifs. Tribal nails are vibrant and perfect way for you to show off your summer style. Tribal nails are often designed with other styles, such as leopard, cheetah styles. There are always creative designs to make your nails look unique.

Tribal nails are so flexible and customizable to the artist, which works on various nail shapes. Most people polish their nails to the shape of round, square,or oval before painting. Tribal nails also look great on stiletto nails.

Want to make your friends go crazy over your nails? Have a trial of tribal nails! Want DIY? Here is a list of reference carefully collected for your inspiration. Try doodling on a piece of paper before you paint so you can experiment with different patterns that work for you. Have a fun!