Sometimes deciding on a day and night makeup look can be confusing, you just never know the lines between the two. But, to make everything easier, you can create a day and night look and you don’t have to worry for the rest of the day anymore.

YouTuber Kaushal Beauty is a talented makeup artist that loves posting tutorials about makeup, beauty and skincare. The 29-year-old also loves to talk about herself so we get to know personal, awesome facts about her. Born and raised in England, for anyone that doesn’t know, she says that her Indian name Kaushal rhymes with social. Today, she is creating a day and night look which looks perfect for both occasions. Let’s take a look.


She starts by moisturizing her skin first and then applying foundation. She follows with concealer and contours her face to define her features. To set everything up, Kaushal is using a powder and then blush and highlighter.


Moving on to the eyes, she puts light colors which she follows with a black, sharp eyeliner. To make it more suitable for the night, makeup artist creates a soft smokey eye at the end.


For the lips, she has decided on a nude cream lipstick. The result is subtle yet sassy. She can definitely kill it at work and head for drinks after, the look is that versatile.

What do you think? Is this look suitable for day and night too?

Check out her video and get to know more about Kaushal and this gorgeous look.