Do you have a super hot date with your crush, or are you just preparing for a chill night out with your girlfriends? Well, there is no way you can pull together your look better than with a messy bun. But, the hairstyles we are going to share with you are not seen before. They are more detailed and romantic.

YouTube channel MakeupWearables Hairstyles shares tons of tutorials about beauty and hair techniques where you can get a lot of inspiration. This time, Tina is going to teach you how to create three different updos that you will be very happy with in the end.

Let’s get started:

Crown Braids

So, you are going to start to add some volume in the back and in front of your head and then do a ponytail. Taking the hair in the front, you start creating a braid by adding hair all the way to the back. In the end, you will have left another piece of hair in the other side, so you just follow the same process and secure it with bobby pins. Done!

Side Bun

This hairstyle is actually very easy to do. You do a small bun in the lower part in the back and then wrap the hair you have left around the bun in a french twist. The most important thing here is to loosen up the hairstyle with your finger to make it look sort of messy and effortlessly made.

Heart Bun

Make a side ponytail and then take a doughnut elastic. With small elastics create the shape you want on it, this time, a heart. After you’re done with that, put it in your ponytail and spread your hair. With the hair you have left, wrap them around the heart bun and secure it with bobby pins. So, there you have it!

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