When is gold ever not in trend? You can go gold everything, from silk gold dresses, to highlighters, jewelry, slippers and most importantly makeup. A lot of makeup artists like to experiment with this shade. Can we blame them?

YouTuber Amy-Rose Walker has gained popularity for her themed makeup tutorials and personal vlog entries. The 19-year-old has reached 280,000 subscribers to her channel and we’re still counting them, to be honest.And she has a video on how to use gold properly so that we can turn our humble selves into godesses of gold and glitter.



It’s the same rituals as usual with makeup videos, so she starts with primer, continues with foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush and highlighter. She takes care to blend everything out so there will not be any harsh lines.


For the eye makeup she applies a base on the lids and then a dark brown eyeshadow. On top of the brown, she adds  sparkles and creates a sharp black eyeliner. The eyelashes are the cherry on top.


Or maybe, the lips are the cherry on top. She applies brown lipliner and moves on with a brown matte lipstick.

If you guys want to see more, simply click down below and enjoy!

Source: metdaan.com