A good hairstyle sometimes is really the answer. I mean it’s fun to experiment with our hair every now and then instead of having the same old boring style every day. Especially since the weather is heating up there are plenty of cute designs for you to roll with. Today we’re teaching how to do the most beautiful updo.

Just scrolling through the Luxy Hair channel you can get inspired from all the choices you have there. Alexa is going to share with us a very special hairstyle which is an updo for long, medium and short hair. Since the wedding season is almost here, this can also be perfect for brides. Let’s see how things go:


To do the hairstyle, your hair has to be pretty voluminous so you can use extensions in the back to achieve the effect you want.


After you put in the extensions, brush your hair and start making a small ponytail in the back. Secure it with tiny hair elastics.


Then, you’re basically going to do the same thing until you get all the way down the hair.  Flip the ponytails and twist them to make them look even better.


When you get down to the bottom, you just start making the ponytails more often in different places and twist them around until you create the updo braid.


In the end, to make the braid look even more voluminous you can loosen it up with your fingers. Ta da!

For more detailed instructions to follow the tutorial press play right down below.

Source: metdaan.com