Buns never go out of style. They are casual, classy, cute and heartwarming when they’re done right. What’s even better than a simple bun is a bow in it and you can really use the hairstyle for different occasions. In my opinion, this one looks great when you want to go extra classy.

Our YouTube channel MetDaan is sharing a hair tutorial where you can see all the instructions you need to pull together this look. You will need basic skills for this one so it is not something too complicated. Let’s get started and if you like it make sure to share it with your family and friends.


Brush your hair nicely and tie it into a ponytail.


Leave aside a part of the hair and put a large hair scrunchie and secure it with bobby pins. Next, spread your hair over the tie and put another hair elastic on it. This way you will have a perfect bun.


With the hair you have left start twisting it around the bun in two different sides to have the perfect pieces of hair to create the bow.


After doing the bow, spray it to stay in place longer. Gorgeous!

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Source: metdaan.com