The key to perfect hair isn’t in a special tool or accessory. No need to invest in special curlers, that twirl, that heat up, that cost a two-month budget and promise to do everything.

What you need is paper towels!

First, this might sound pretty weird and confusing, but there’s nothing to worry about. Mindy from YouTube channel Cute Girls Hairstyles shows you just how to create the perfect curls using only rolls of paper towels as shown in the video below.

Most of us have curling irons and other products that use heat instead, but it’s always better to achieve curls with a no-heat method. Heated products can damage your hair a lot, so this one is very safe and natural.

All you need to have for Mindy’s method to create old-fashioned curls is:

  •  brush
  •  rat-tail comb
  •  spray bottle
  •  1 roll of paper towels
  •  hairspray

What you need to do is pretty simple: you just cut pieces of the paper towel and then start rolling pieces of hair individually. This takes 30 minutes to do but of course that it depends on your hair length and thickness. You can leave them overnight, or for a couple hours and there you have your natural curls.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think. Would you try this?