When it comes to hairstyles, every one of us likes to pull off something super cute and easy for the day. I mean what’s a better idea when you wake up and experience the worst bad hair day in history? Yeah, we’ve all been there but there is a simple solution: anything that has to do with braids.

YouTube channel named Awesome Hairstyles, recently shared a tutorial for long/medium hair which is so cute and princess-ish and includes a ponytail and braids. Can you get a better mix than these two? Well, to get started on the hairstyle, follow the post below.

So, you start of by brushing your hair and cooling it down. Take a small section in the front of your head and start making a strand braid sticking to the side. Do the same thing on the other side.

After you’re done, make a simple ponytail and wrap the braids from the sides into the ponytail. With the hair that’s left, make another braid and decorate the tail with it too. Voila!

As you can see this hairstyle is so easy and you can pull it off for only 3 minutes. If you want to see more, click down below and enjoy!


Source: metdaan.com