When you have a date night coming up, the only transformation you will need to learn is how you transform into a wife material for the duration of the evening so you won’t end up all alone with 49 cats, right? Wrong! Let’s hope those days are far behind us and that we as women will never have to revisit them again.

On the contrary, when a date night is pending, you need to learn how to transform into a glamorous, attractive woman who while remaining classy at all times, will also radiate sex appeal and ooze charm. Like with everything else in the lady game, knowing how to do the right makeup will go a long way in helping you achieve what you are going for.

With this date night makeup transformation video by Christen Dominique, you will have just the right look for that rendezvous you are so looking forward to you actually think the rest of your life might depend on it.

Although pink is the dominant color in this look, Christen is adamant you shouldn’t be skeptical about it as it is not the pink you’ve seen umpteenth times – this one is flirty, fun, yet original. Paired with cut crease eyes, the look is just the right amount of glam which will make you look sexy, yet dignified for your big date.

Christen Dominique is a freelance makeup artist from Texas with almost three million users subscribed to her Youtube channel, with her fame extending to other social media platforms as well. If you like what she did her, subscribe for similar updates posted weekly.

Source: metdaan.com