The neon navy blue is a shade of blue to die for! I remember a couple of years ago when this shade exploded and a lot of night gowns were made in this particular shade. The velvet high heels did not lack far behind. This color works well with Christmas red and Lego yellow shades. Even if you decide to go wild and mix the three of them, you won’t make a mistake! It would be completely artsy in a modernist kind of way!

Something about this shade makes one look incredibly expensive and high-brow!
It works wonders as a nail polish shade as well. Here are a couple of manis that I find to be gorgeous!


The one holographic nail in opposition to the matte royal blue brings fantastic playfulness to the hand. Very sci-fi, party-like nails! Can be worn with a little black dress of any kind.


One more exception of the rule. This time it is glittery. I can imagine this mani being worn with shiny, black latex pants! A white, oversized, button down shirt from your boyfriend will work wonders to finish off the look!


The rings are a great compliment to the shine of this particular mani! This can be worn with an over-sized, Roberto Cavalli dress! Brown boots are a must!


Matte royal blue deep as the night. Might work with a pale yellow, velvet maxi dress! Combine it with black leather ankle boots!


The golden accessories to the mani are a nice, personalized touch. The nails are a tad bit too long for my taste, but they will definitely work with some. I think choosing a white, pleated sweater is just fantastic! I would wear it with boyfriend jeans as well!