Have you ever been to a nail salon and had no idea what you wanted? You stare at them blankly without a thought in your head when they ask you “What would you like?” Well it’s happened to me, and I couldn’t really make up my mind because I didn’t know that many nail shapes except from round and ballerina. So, basically I ended up having my nails done the same for some time.

Now, I was surprised to find out how many shapes there are and how elegant and awesome they can be. Below you can see some of the best nail shapes that you should definitely consider for your next manicure.

Check them out and enjoy!

1. Ballerina

The ”Ballerina” shape is very beautiful and it screams feminine! I personally adore it.

2. Edge

Edge shape is the newest trend. And it requires a really unique polish job to achieve this glittery purple and black colors!

3. Round

The round shape is very chic, simple and classic. Consider trying it if you want to achieve a clean minimal look.

4. Lipstick

The lipstick shape might not be for everyone but it’s worth a try, it is indeed a wild look!

5. Squoval

This one is a mix between  square and a oval.  Very classy and royal.

6. Almond

Almond has been very trendy in the past few years and it kind of looks like cat claws!

7. Square

If in doubt, go square! And this accent nail is so cute!

8. Stiletto

Stiletto-shaped nails look awesome when paired with dark, deep, rich colors. This burgundy one is the perfect example.

9. Oval

From all the shapes, this one is a classic and I don’t think anyone will be giving them up anytime soon.

10. Flare

Flare-shaped nails are totally new but when they’re done correctly they are eye-catching. Chrome looks perfects on them!

11. Mountain Peak

This shape looks unreal with this matte black color and henna-inspired accent nails.

12. Super Short

If your just not a big fan of long nails, keeping them short is an option too. This hassle-free style is simple and convenient but can still look pretty!

13. Louboutin

Even though this is not actually a shape, there would be no sense if we didn’t include them. All you really need to do to achieve this look is swipe on a black base polish, then paint the undersides of your nails red!

Source: metdaan.com