Spring is in its bloom and you need bright colors in your life! Yes, your overall look is important, but we’re talking about what your nails can look like in spring.

There is one color that absolutely amazes me. It is bright, perky, and stands out.

Use ALL THE SHADES. Don’t worry about looking too shiny or being too perky, because you will get the opposite effect. If you haven’t bought your favorite yellow nail polish, run to the store and come back to try out these ideas that will blow your mind.

You don’t necessarily have to follow the same steps like these people, but you can always steal their idea and make your nails look even more perfect.


For example, for all the gentle ones out there, this is a great idea. It’s also great because it doesn’t require great effort, but that chick on your nail melts your heart. It’s absolutely adorable and you can wear it on every occasion because the color is not too bright nor too dull.


The next manicure is special for dots fans. That’s why Polka dots lovers will LOVE THIS! This yellow-styled polka dots manicure will brighten your day and if you want a bigger effect of the dots, you can also use a stronger color of yellow and white.


Next, if you are in the mood for stripes, this is a great solution for you. Try doing it on one or two nails to spice up your manicure. You can also add some stars.


Glitter can also be added to these yellow nails, so choose your own design and enjoy!


Did you know that yellow and gray go perfectly well together on your nails? Me neither.


Finally, for the most courageous ones, there is always the bright yellow shade to choose!

Source: metdaan.com