It’s always a good idea to have a certain something that can be multiple things at once.

I’m talking about things like multitools. It can be a knife, or a pair of scissors, or a screwdriver, among other things.

When you think about multipurpose items, I doubt that a small table comes to mind. A lot of things could pop into your mind, but a small table probably isn’t one of them.

Well, that’s what happened to Isabelle LaRue of DIY Basics, so she decided to build a small table that could double not only as a seat but also as a kitty scratcher.

In her video, she builds the table using a 15″ round piece of wood.

Along with an 8″ concrete form for the base.

The first design is a simpler version of the table, and it’s not a multipurpose one, meaning it can only be used as a, well, small table.

The other design is the multipurpose one. She uses the same 15″ round piece and the same 8″ cement form for the table, but she also uses two pieces of 2″x 3″ wood as supports, which will make the table also usable as a seat.

And, to also make it a kitty scratcher, she covers the base with sisal rope.

This is great if you want your end table to be more than just an end table, so if you like to have one thing serve as multiple things, you should definitely check out this video.