Hey ladies,

Dry, chapped and dark lips are quite common these days. Even though the market is loaded with a lot of products to curb this issue, DIY remedies work best for me. I created this exfoliating mask for my dry and pigmented lips and it has worked wonderfully for my lips. In fact, I could notice a huge difference with regular application of this mask. So, let’s get started with this DIY recipe now.

You Need:

⦁ Beetroot juice
⦁ Sugar
⦁ Coconut oil
⦁ Vaseline
⦁ An empty bowl
⦁ A spoon

Benefits of Each Ingredient:

⦁ Removes pigmentation
⦁ Makes lips pink
⦁ Works as a detoxifier
⦁ Nourishes the lips

Coconut Oil
⦁ An excellent moisturizer
⦁ Prevents the skin from getting cracked
⦁ Makes lips glow with health
⦁ Heals and repairs damage
⦁ Keeps the lips protected from damage and dryness

⦁ Keeps the lips well moisturized
⦁ Prevents lips from drying
⦁ Keeps lips protected

⦁ Removes dead skin cells and dry patches
⦁ Acts as a gentle exfoliator


Step 1:
Take 1 teaspoon of sugar in an empty bowl.

Step 2:
Add 1 teaspoon of Vaseline to sugar. Mix both ingredients well.

Step 3:
Add two teaspoons of beetroot juice to the bowl.

Step 4:
Add coconut oil. Now, this step is optional but makes this mask more potent.

Step 5:
Mix all the ingredients well. Your lip scrub cum mask is ready.

Just take some of this scrub cum pack and apply it gently on your lips. Scrub with it for around 20-30 seconds and then keep it on for another minute. After a minute, remove the product with the help of a soft cloth. You can repeat the process up to two times a day. You can store the DIY mask in a container and use it as and when necessary. You may also follow up with a lip balm before going to bed if your lips tend to become super dry. This lip scrub cum mask also removes darkness from the lips and gives them an even tone and pink color.

Source: makeupandbeauty.com