Some of my favorite DIY projects have been made from items found at the hardware store. I made this DIY chain link necklace practically for free after finding some leftover vinyl tubing from a recent repair job we did around the house. You can easily find this at most hardware stores for only a couple bucks. Adding some gold paint will give thesetubes a chunky metal chain look, creating a bold statement with any outfit! Follow the steps below to make your own.

•  1/4 inch x .17 inch clear vinyl tubing (I used about 5 feet. Your local hardware store should carry these for cheap)

• Scissors

• Gold spray paint
• Old newspapers
• 20 Q-tips
• 1 yard of ribbon
• Paint sealer (optional)


Cut: Cut 10 pieces of the vinyl tubing at about 5 inches long each.

Paint: Lay the pieces on old newspapers and spray paint them gold, following the manufacturer’s directions. Once one side is dry, turn them over and repeat on the other side. Optional: Once dry, add a coat of paint sealer for extra shine and durability.
Cut: Cut both ends off your Q-tips and discard the ends with the cotton.
Attach: Grab one of your tubes and insert 2 Q-tips about half way into one of the open ends, fitting snugly inside. Bring over the other end to close the loop. Repeat this step until all 10 tubes are looped together.
Add ribbon: Loop the ribbon through the 2 tubes at the end, securing with a bow.