Makeup definitely has no boundaries. You can experiment with whatever you want, it doesn’t matter as long as it looks beautiful in the end. Luckily people on YouTube save us some time by testing everything out. People have been trying to do makeup with kitchen ingredients, glitter and all sorts, but you may not have seen people attempting markers before.

Yes, markers! As weird as that can sound the results will surprise you. Laura Lee invited Casey Holmes to shoot a video and they decided to take this challenge together. It’s always better to share the drama and the consequences. You can see in the video how much fun they had making it.

“Today we have a special guest on my channel Casey Holmes! YAY, I just LOVE my southern sista from another mistaaa lol. We had a lot of fun trying out markers for our makeup even though some of them didn’t work out for us, we gave it our best shot and had lots of laughs,” she said for her fans on her YouTube channel.

Take a look below and enjoy: