Ladies and gentleman, the winged eyeliner might be replaced for the first time around. The cat-eye look made so much noise when it was first resurrected with the surge of the post-Internet craze for decades past. The cat-eye is the trademark Pin Up look. A more unexploited eyeliner territory was recently revisited on behalf of the fashion stylists. The dotted eyeliner.

But who wore it first?

Lesley Lawson, widely known under her moniker Twiggy, was a British cultural icon, who became famous as a teenage model in the swinging sixties in London. What she used to do is draw fake lashes with an eyeliner under her actual lower lash in order to extend her lashes. She flirted with the dots as well.

This look has seen its fair share of reference in pop culture and will pop up every once in a while on the catwalk, editorials and sometimes movies.

In my opinion, as much as I pledge allegiance to the winged eyeliner, I think this is an absolutely fantastic and fresh take on the way eyeliner is used. It creates movement and drama in a more conceited way. It’s romantic and futuristic.

1. The peachy eye shadow in contrast to the neon blue eyebrow creates a disturbing allure. The dots add to the hypnotizing effect. One could drown in those eyes!

2. I can imagine this lady walking around Venice. The motley patterns of the dotted eyeliner and the orange earrings are quite theatrical and fun.

3. This is a killer look. Literally. The smokey eye is like a foggy night and the dots are like small drops of blood. Quite enticing.

4. The dots in this particular picture give away a more vulnerable feeling of the person that’s wearing them.

5. When I think art-deco, I think of this photo. This is minimalism at its finest.

6. This last one reminds me of the aesthetic of the cyberpunk novels. I can imagine Uma Thurman wearing this particular eye make up in a sequel to Gattaca. I am getting strong dystopian vibes.