You would be excused for thinking Mila Kunis is looking at you smokey-eyed at the end of this tutorial, such is the similarity. It is a testament to the striking quality of this dramatic winged-eye look, because the girl on the screen is not the Ukraine-born Hollywood star, but Down Under’s beauty artist Chloe Morello.

So set aside ten minutes today and watch Chloe do her magic. She will share little secrets about the products she uses, as well as little hacks that make all the difference when it comes to makeup and eyelashes. You will find the full list of products and some discount codes in the description under the video.

Not surprisingly, the response to the tutorial has been overwhelmingly positive. A user named Elizabeth commented:

“Amen. You’re perfect. You’re a unicorn.”

…and the 613 people who liked Elizabeth’s comment seem to be in total agreement.

The pictures below show you the basic steps but the video will give you more details. The end result in Kunistastic!