Twenty-six-year-old Kayley Melissa is a beauty and hair tutorials vlogger who managed to reach wider audiences, with more than million followers in tow!
Her YouTube platform is a good place when in need of high quality, practical hairstyling content.

The video which is featured in this article is a very easy ‘how-to’ for wavy hair.

To begin with, we are going to prime the hair with an instant volumizing mousse. Wavy hair requires a lot of volume for it to look the way it does!
Apply a spritz of conditioner for added shine!

Next thing you’re gonna do is divide the hair into several sections. Split the upper half of the hair and clip it on top.

Divide the lower part into several sections as you go. Take one strand and wrap the middle of the strand around the curling iron, leaving your roots and ends out!

We leave those parts out initially as they contribute towards the hairstyle looking as natural as possible.

Let down the top section of your hair. This time around, you are going to include the roots as well!

Hold the curling iron a little bit closer to the roots and wrap the hair around. Make sure to leave the ends out!

Repeat away from your face with all of the top section.

The finishing touches can be the most important part of the process. Spray some fixing spray to add extra volume and keep your waves intact throughout the day.
Apply a bit of light hold pomade on your fingertips and scrunch your waves with them gently. If you feel that your ends are a little bit frizzy, add some serum there for a quick fix!

This hairstyle requires the least effort possible and yet it has a major impact! It can be worn with almost anything, anytime, anywhere!