Braids can sometimes be easy to make, but can really give you a hard time every once in a while. Most braid tutorials seem easy, but once you start it all gets so complicated doesn’t it? For this reason, we are going to share some easy hairstyles with braids that you can do with no effort. If you were out of ideas on how to braid your hair simply and looking stylish at the same time, make sure to watch this video.

The video comes from Nee’s YouTube channel Bebexo. Nee comes from Canada and says she is coming to rescue you from bad hair days.

If you follow her channel which has over million subscribers, you will see how much she loves braids in all types and styles.

Braids are her super power. The channel has a great number of hair tutorials, but you can also find some interesting makeup tips and fashion trends. Apart from easy hairstyles, she also offers some formal looks. These include prom hairstyles, wedding-inspired styles, styles for parties and back-to-school looks as well. Her videos are not only for the long-haired ones, but she also has many tutorials for medium and long hair types. Don’t worry about the type of your hair, because you will probably find something that might interest you.

What can you expect from this braids tutorial video?

If you would like your braids to look simple, smooth, but at the same time stylish and fancy, make sure to watch the whole video. These braids don’t require much effort, but they look cute and unusual in a beautiful way. You can wear them on a special occasion, or any regular day, really.

She does three types of twist braid hairstyles in this hair tutorial:

1. Faux Waterfall Twist

2. Rope Twist and French Braid Combo

3. Twist braid Wrap-around Updo