If you often find yourself spending long stretches of time to achieve a certain level of elegance you are aspiring to, you might be taking the wrong approach. Sometimes the shortest road to elegance is simplicity – especially when it comes to hair.

Simple Elegance in Only Three Short Minutes

Skeptical? Allow Tina to change your mind – you won’t be disappointed.

The girl behind MakeupWearables does not need anything more than a brush and her own to hands to create a bun that wouldn’t look out of place even at the fanciest reception or wedding. It is also what her Youtube videos are all about: her DIY hair channel focuses on teaching users how to do cute and easy hairstyles perfect for long or medium length hair. She mostly does 5-minute hairstyles, heatless curls and elegant updos.

Her fans seem to love it. A certain Ms. Trisha Pipkins commented:

“I love this! Maybe I could do this for my wedding but as a half up, half down style! Then I can attach my veil under it. Ooooooooo I need to try this! Thank you for this! <3 <3 <3”

You can hear the excitement leaping off the page…that’s how good she is. There is hardly a better compliment for a hairstylist, is there?

Source: www.metdaan.com