If there is one Hollywood celebrity who is hallmarked for making dramatic transformations to her long enviable commercial worthy tresses, it is Kim Kardashian, the reality TV star who metamorphosed into an entertainment mogul. Except for short hair, she had just about experimented with all colors, cuts and styles and putting her fans under her beauty spell since over 8 years. Predominantly adorning long hairs; let’s run down the memory lane with few of Kim Kardashian best hairstyles.


Here’s a compilation of some of the best looks of Kim Kardashian hairstyles. First and foremost , let’s go through Kim Kardashian hairstyles with buns and updos.

1. Pinned up Barrel Curls

This Kim Kardashian hairstyle for a photoshoot in 2009 shows her fascination with short hair even if she never got her long tresses cut. Pins and hairsprays can indeed work magic!

2. Vintage Beehive Hairdo

The vintage hairdo with long bangs framing her long angular face oozes an overall chic romantic vibe.

3. The Braided Updo

Great thing about thick voluminous tresses is that they form terrific voluminous updos. The braided updo adorned at the street style fashion ideas is definitely one of the top favorite Kardashian hairstyles.

4. Boho Inspired Braided Updo

While promoting her fragrance, Glam in Las Vegas, Kim donned a bohemian looking braided updo. With loose wispy tendrils hanging loose randomly and a deep center part, the look was quite done, yet so undone. This Kardashian hairstyle is definitely a perfect juxtaposition of low-key as well as luxe.

5. Hair Knot

The casual top knot while on a tour to Washington DC looks amongst favorite hairstyles of Kim Kardashain which she adorns on number of casual occasions.

6. The High Bun

Sporting the retro chic high bun, Kim naturally turned heads on the streets of NYC.

7. French Knot

At the People’s Choice Awards, the Kim Kardashian wedding hairstyle of voluminous French twist was made all the more glamorous and sensual with the face framing bangs.

Playing With Braids

If there is one person who can turn a hairstyle meant for under 10 girls into the most sensual glamorous trendy chic ‘do, it’s Kim. Check our below Kardashians hairstyles with braids to believe it!

8. The Milkmaid Braids

Intricately designed hairstyles with multiple milkmaid braids and a crooked side-part, this Kim Kardashian hairstyle at the 75th anniversary of the Los Angeles Mission in Los Angeles is a shining example. Framing her beautiful face, Kim not only looks trendy and girly but also super sexy and glam.

9. Cornrow And Fishtail Braid

Taking inspiration from Kim, many especially black women love to copy this trendy looking chic Kim Kardashain latest hairstyle of cornrow and fishtail braid.

10. The Long Fishtail Braid

For the Angel Ball, Kim styled her hair into a intricate side swept braid. Few strand peeking out here and there made her look super sexy and ultra feminine.

11. Messy Braids

Kim looked super cool and sensual with her raven tresses styled into messy undone braids having several plaits and flaunted at the side. A fabulous intricate hairstyle, that looks fabulous on Kim.

12. Boxer Braid Hairstyle

The boxer braid or the Dutch braids with center part and hair dyed into the platinum blonde sheen looks so becoming and natural on her. No wonder it’s her hot favorite!

Flaunting Of Long Tresses

Kim has incredibly long beautiful tresses which she loves showing off in cool and fashionable looks. Lets refresh our memories with some of her most gorgeous looks.

13. Sleek Straight ‘do

With a center part, this simple Kim Kardashian straight hairstyle looks simply terrific on her whether its black, ombre, brown or any other color, Kim chooses to flaunt them with.

14. Retro Curls

Kim channeled Veronica Lake with her wedding style long retro Hollywood curls with a deep side part. The look was highly smoldering and glamorous and made her eyes pop out.

15. Long Curls

Kim graced the 2011 Grammy Awards with her voluminous mane flaunting long curls and golden streaks added to ooze the sheer glamorous look worthy of red carpet event.

16. The Cool Ponytail

The sleek simple ponytail has never looked as stylish and sexy as it looked on Kim when complemented with blunt cut bangs.

17. Long Straight Cut With Bangs

Radiant colored and highlighted brunette locks with bangs are all that kim Requires to ooze raw sensuality as she walks the red carpet at the Comcast party.

18. The Side Sweep

Attending the Midori Makeover Parlor Event, Kim looked too stunning in her flawlessly styled side sweep.

19. Retro Hairstyle

Styling her luxurious mane into the 1940s waves and sweeping them back from her face, Kim looks very elegant and chic.

20. Medium Layered

At the Roc notion pre-Grammy Brunch, Kim got her long tresses to medium length and rocked it in a messy look with a side part.

With her innate fashion sense and her mesmerizing beauty, Kim can sport any look effortlessly, whether it is a neat sophisticated one or a casual wild one.

Source: fashionlady.in