When you’re clueless about makeup, it’s pretty hard to go to a store and choose the right products. You won’t know what to do, you’ll try them on… You’ll end up looking like a clown, a cake, you name it.

Now, these days, there’s Youtube! And Laura Lee, yay! Because first, on her channel you can learn how to do your own makeup. And second, you can find useful videos like this to tell you which makeup is good, and which is not worth your money.

The products:

This time, Laura Lee tests products from Essence Beauty. She’s trying them on and it’s pretty clear which one’s a hit and which one’s a miss. And you really want to watch this, because Laura shares her experience from meeting Ariana Grande! Somepeople are SO lucky.

So, before you go makeup shopping, make sure to watch this video. You’ll know what to do when you’re in the store, in case you’re not that makeup product-savvy.

Source: www.metdaan.com