Yes, summer is over and that is sad and who knows if we’ll even get a fall this year, BUT winter is coming — and with that glorious holiday beauty collections! Anastasia Beverly Hills never disappoints, and this season is no different. But if you’re expecting a collection of only the usual Christmas reds and New Years silvers, you’re wrong. Yes, all the glitter and shimmer is there, but so are unexpected orange and peachy shades that make everything as perfect to use year-round as it is for holiday.

ABH President Claudia Soare says about the upcoming collection, which is set to launch on on Oct. 2., “This year we thought about gift-giving with our Blush Kits and Mini Liquid Lipstick kits. As always, glow is top of mind at ABH, so we brought back favorite glow shades and one new color in a limited-edition glow kit called Sugar. Glam is always the very heart of an ABH makeup look, and with that comes PRISM.”

Let’s take a closer look at the eight upcoming releases, shall we?

1. PRISM Eye Shadow Palette, $42

The PRISM palette is all about bold metallics and complementary mattes. Claudia describes the color mix as “strong colors with reflective shine accomplished with multiple layers of pearls.” If you’re overwhelmed by all the beauty, two of her favorite color combos are “Eternal” with “Lure,” “Eden,” and “Obsidian,” or “Lucid” with “Unity,” “Saturn,” and “Oasis.”

Shades swatched from left to right: “Lucid,” “Eden,” “Unity,” “Sphinx,” “Osiris,” “Sphere,” “Obsidian.”

Shades swatched from left to right: “Dimension,” “Parallel,” “Pyramid,” “Throne,” “Saturn,” “Eternal,” “Lure.”

2. Sugar Glow Kit, $40

If you recognize a few of the shades, that’s because “Marshmallow,” “Butterscotch,” and “Starburst” are favorites from other kits, and they’re now packaged all in one quad. The new shade, “Gumdrop,” is described as a duo chrome pink lilac.

Shades swatched from left to right: “Marshmallow,” “Gumdrop,” “Butterscotch,” “Starburst.”

3. Holiday Blush Kit “Gradient,” $30

“Gradient,” a quad with brown and berry tones in matte finishes, is the first of two blush kits for the holidays. Each shade can be used alone or together to create a multi-dimensional cheek. To do the latter, Claudia says first to apply the deep shade “Blackberry” right above your contour, and blend it upward. Next, take a medium shade such as “Dusk” on your upper cheek, and sweep it toward the center of your face. Finish with the brighter shade “Vegas” on the apple of your cheek, and blend it into the medium shade.

4. Holiday Blush Kit “Radiant,” $30

If “Radiant” is a better blush set for your skin tone, apply the same concept above to create a multi-dimensional cheek, but use “Terrace” as your deep shade, “Coastline” as your medium and the slightly shimmery “Spoiled” for your bright shade.

Shades swatched from left to right: (Gradient) “Dusk,” “Vegas,” “Chocolate,” “Blackberry,” (Radiant) “Coastline,” “Spoiled,” “Breeze,” “Terrace.”

5. Liquid Lipstick “Trouble,” $20

The cult-favorite liquid lipstick line is expanding with three new shades for holiday. The first is a mauve beige.

6. Liquid Lipstick “Starfish,” $20

The second is a peachy brown.

7. Liquid Lipstick “Rock Sand,” $20

The last is a rosy brown.

Shades swatched from left to right: “Starfish,” “Rock Sand,” “Trouble.”

8. Mini Liquid Lipstick Set, $28

If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer, this trio of red, chocolate, and deep peach mini-lipsticks is something any lipstick wearer would like.

Shades swatched from left to right: “Dazed,” “Bittersweet,” “Hudson.”

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