Step 1: Be Pretty,” reads one of the top comments on Jess Conte’s new everyday makeup routine video which has racked up over half-a-million views in only couple of days. The remark has been liked 924 times, and rightly so, as the Australian vlogger truly walks the walk when it comes to her appearance. However, being pretty is far from being her only strength, as the prolific 20-year-old is also a singer and a talented graphic designer.

Followed by more than one million users, the popular Australian is known for song covers and challenges to her army of fans in addition to her popular makeup tutorials.

In this instantly-popular video, Conte reveals that although this is not her everyday makeup style, it is her go-to look she knows she can always rely on. There’s plenty of good advice you can take home from this tutorial, even if not all of it applies to your makeup approach. There’s nothing wrong with that, though, because as Jess says, “please no negativity or judgement – everybody does their makeup in different ways and it’s all alllll fine.”

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