Stand out with colorful and glow in the dark nails! Ever wondered how you could get glow in the dark nails polish? It’s pretty easy when you can simply go to the stores and purchase high quality and long lasting ones in the color of your like.

What makes glow in the dark nail polish different is the fact that it simply stands out from the rest; especially in the dark. It’s very convenient and perfect for parties, night outs and other special occasions where you simply want to shine and look cool at the same time.

However, what if you think glow in the dark nail polish is a bit expensive for your taste or maybe, you just cant find the right color that you would want for your nails. Don’t worry too much since there are ways where you can have do-it-yourself glow in the dark nail polish.

Make your own glow in the dark nail polish

There are three ways to make your nail polish glow in the dark, using glow sticks, using nail resin or acrylic paint.

Make sure that you have a matching nail polish close to the color of the glow stick you want to use. The colors don’t necessarily need to match each other, just the same hue will be good enough. There is a fine line about being creative and ending up with a mix that is unusable. To be safe you can always use clear nail polish so that you will be able to use just about any color of glow sticks you want.

A glow stick is a plastic tube filled with a chemical and fluorescent dye. Simply cut the glow stick in half and let the glow liquid out of the stick. Mix it thoroughly with your nail polish. This makes your nail polish texture different and permanent so if you want to use your nail polish in the future it is advised to simply pour out a small amount and mix it with the glow liquid separately. The fluorescent dye is what gives the light a color in the dark, similar to the UV glowing tattoos we introduced in cuded.

You can then apply your base coat and add the newly combine glow in the dark nail polish on top. To check you can simply turn of the lights or go to a dark room to see the effects.

    Here are other options you would want to try when creating your original glow nail polish
  • -nail resin
  • -acrylic paint

It depends on which one is available in your area and which type you would feel comfortable using. Just make sure that you have looked at the precautions when using the products on your nails. You would not want to put something toxic and can potentially hurt your nails. Try to watch tutorials or read blogs on how to mix or make your very own glow in the dark nail polish if you are not yet sure. If you have friends who have done this before, you can also inquire them about the procedure they used and how long the glow effect lasts on the nails.

Once you’ve got it down, you can easily combine colors and enjoy painting on your very own budget and totally cool looking glow in the dark nail polish!