We’re very fond of telling you guys about girl hairstyles. It’s true that a girl’s hair takes more maintenance and it’s usually longer which opens them to more types of hairstyles, but even then, that doesn’t mean we should ignore hairstyles for men either because even those can take quite a bit of maintenance.

If you’re a guy and you’re planning to change up your hairstyle soon to something more… unique and interesting, I say take advice from MenHairstylesWorld blog owner Cassidy Flannegan. He runs that aforementioned blog, and he’s a full time hairstylist, so he can definitely be trusted.

Here’s a gallery of some stand out hairstyle suggestions by him. There are a ton more on his blog so I suggest checking it out if you don’t fancy any of the ones in this gallery.

1. Prominently cut sides with just a bit on the top

Only for the brave.

2. One that will go perfectly with your full grown beard

3. High and tight fade

4. Side sweeping with just a little bit more on the side

A sidetrack from the other styles, this one takes a different approach to the sides, leaving just a little bit of hair.

Makes you look like you woke up in style, if you know what I mean.

5. High fade with buzz cut

Just if you don’t want to spend an extra hour drying your hair on the top, a buzz cut will do you good.

6. Round top and slicked back

7. Buzz cut with a subtle fade

Just look how seamless and on point that is!

8. High and tight Caesar

9. Buzz cut with a high fade

Similar to Connor McGregor, so you can be a badass too!

10. High and tight

Sorta like a pompadour but not really.

11. Fringe

“Simple, it is perfect if you want to shuffle and go along with the crowd. If you choose this haircut, you were made for it.” Cassidy says in his blog post.

12. Low fade with short top

13. Highlights

Not as intense as some of the other cuts on the list, but it’s still a nice one.

14. My absolute favorite one on the list

Totally badass!

15. Butch cut with beard

I guess you could call this one “mature”

Source: metdaan.com